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EPISODE 208 : Idle Hands

The Latest Green Line Episode with Host Art Del Cueto. In this week's episode, Art discusses the recent decision to retry Lonnie Schwartz on manslaughter charges. Brandon Budlong President of Local 2724 visits with Art to discuss issues on the Northern Border.

EPISODE 207 : Excuuuuuse Me!

In this weeks Episode of The Green Line, Art Del Cueto continues the discussion of the Lonnie Schwartz trial and comments from users on Twitter and those demonstrating in the streets on the ruling of the court. The story of the conditions from the night of the...

EPISODE 206 : Not Guilty!

In this Weeks Show, Art Del Cueto is in Houston for some workshops and the decision is handed down in the Lonnie Schwartz trial. Art discusses this verdict and the events following the decision.