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EPISODE200 : Close Your Blinds At Night

The Green Line celebrates Show #200! Listenership for The Green Line comes from the US as well as countries around the world. Art sends respects to those listening however Chris wonders where the Canadian listeners are. What gives Canada!? Once again Art and Chris...

EPISODE199 : The Strongest Steel is Forged in the Hottest Fire

Episode 199 - The Strongest Steel is Forged in the Hottest Fire On this week’s The Greenline, Chris shares an email sent in from Jason E., which addresses his thoughts on morale under the Trump Administration.While he agrees with Art and Chris that morale has gone up,...

EPISODE198 : We Ate Mud and The Evil Eye

EPISODE 198 – We Ate Mud and the Evil Eye In this week’s The Greenline, Art and Chris ponder a new intro for the show with the idea of having Agents with bands create the opening theme music Chris suggest an old home remedy when he hears Art is still dealing with the...