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EPISODE 228 : October Horror – Art wearing Yoga Pants

In this week’s episode of "The Green Line" Art deals with a bout of the shingles but believes if he wasn't doing the Green Line if could be worse. The Green Line is an outlet for sharing with fellow agents and listeners and helps relieve the stress of the week. One of...

EPISODE 227 : Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – A Line of Defense

In this week’s episode of "The Green Line" Art del discusses immigration issues regarding Governor Brown and the Veto of Bill SB349 which would have possibly prevented arrest at courthouse for those appearing for proceedings. Art explains why this bill would not have...

EPISODE 226 : Tongue Tied

In this weeks episode of "The Green Line" Art del Cueto reiterates the importance of voting in November. When it comes to endorsements of candidates, there may be misconceptions between AFGE and NPBC selections. The NBPC's focus is on what the union can get for the...