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EPISODE 236 : Fuchi Malarkey!

The Latest Episode from The Green Line with your Host Art Del Cueto. In this Weeks Show, Art shares a column from a former agent who gets it all wrong. Art also talks about the lack of consequences for assaults on agents and how this must change.

EPISODE 235 : Shepherd to Lost Sheep

In this Week’s Episode, Art Del Cueto has returned from Washington D.C. and begins with a flashback of the Show Dukes of Hazzard and reflect on the characters on the show, Art draws some comparisons of Sheriff Coltrane and some in management. After a meeting with...

EPISODE 234 : Filling Your Tricky Bag!

In this Week’s Episode, Art Del Cueto is in Washington DC and reports on the current situation at the Southern border and the call to action for managers and those decision makers enacting the plan to stop the invasion with remnants already at the border. Art talks...