In this Week’s Episode of the Green Line, Art Del Cueto flies solo and explains the absence of Chris Cabrera to The Green Line Podcast. Getting right down to business, Art discusses the recent announcement from President Trump on the use of Military Assist for Border Protection. As the momentum continues for construction of A border wall, a survey of Agents at stations confirm from many the need for the wall to assist in quelling illegal activity.

Art takes on the issue of Retention of Agents and why this is a matter which also needs to be addressed. What needs to happen to keep the morale of agents in the positive zone and have agents with experience in the field? Without Borders is talked about with the recent movement across Mexico from Honduras and how the numbers may have dwindled from the caravan trekking towards the US. Should the Department of Justice look into the organization Without Borders and the Government of Mexico for facilitating the breaking of the laws in the United States? The Trump Effect is described and how it made a difference in 2017 for numbers of illegal entries.

Respect to the Agents in the Field and supporting those working under sometimes difficult situations. The recent call for Military support at the border do not in any way downplay the brave men and woman of the Border Patrol but can allow agents to focus on problem areas of trafficking and crossing. One of the ways to also help the agents in the field, Drain the Swamp and remove those holdovers from the previous administration. Art shares a story of an interaction with a Patrol Agent in Charge Meeting, The Mumbler. A recent trip to Texas has Art disappointed, such great food in Texas and what does he get stuck eating? Tune in to find out and no, it wasn’t the Barbacoa Tacos from behind the Gas Station, that’s what Art really wanted.

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