Episode 216 – Do You Know Who I am!?

In this weeks episode of “The Green Line” Art Del Cueto with more of the continuing discussion of separations at the border. The Green Line has moved to its new time slot of Saturday afternoons at 2pm on KNST AM 790. Joe Rogan is another one of the celebrities to step forward with misinformation and make statements based on old news.

Art points a finger at some of the issues that have been reported and how this misinformation has spread. The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, takes a group to the southern border for a tour of a detention facility without prior approval of CBP. The Clown Show takes the mayor and his security detail to reportedly cross over the border and back across illegally.

No doubt the words during attempted detainment after the illegal crossing “Do you Know Who I Am?” was likely said.

Lee Smith visits the show and the discussion focuses on legal immigration versus “illegration” and how many in the media have overlooked the largest humanitarian aid organization on the southern border, Border Patrol Agents. While the vilification of the Men and Women of The Border Patrol continue, the reality is agents help not only protect the laws of the United States but also in many cases rescue and treat those illegrating. Will the agency step up to the needs of the stations needing more agents is also covered.

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