In this weeks episode of “The Green Line” Art Del Cueto talks about some new contest ideas coming to The Green Line with thanks to the sponsors and contributors to the show. Art covers issues with the Retention Bonus and leave time for Agents which the NBPC is still striving for.
Art calls out the disrespect to ICE agents from a comedy sketch by Michelle Wolf on Netflix. Not only is the sketch in bad taste towards Secretary Kristjen Nielsen but also to the men and woman serving ICE.

Issues with decision makers for Border Patrol still being affected due to hold overs from the prior administration. Changes that have needed to be accomplished are stagnant and slowed and the frustrations trickle down the ranks. The house passes a resolution to rebuke the call for the end of ICE. Art calls out the hypocrisy of Mexico in regards to the country accepting refugees. The actual numbers are eye opening to those accepted into Mexico versus those that have applied for asylum.

The Northern Border has become a target for human traffickers and Art share some facts regarding those illegrating into the US from Canada and how it is getting done.
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