In this weeks episode of “The Green Line” Art del Cueto shares a story and thoughts on the passing of Arizona Senator John McCain. The discussion turns to the coverage of stories from around the country regarding the murder of Mollie Tibbets and statements from Elizabeth Warren. Art explains how Sanctuary Cities and how they are doing a disservice to the residents and citizens of those communities.

Art explains how important the vote is to border security and the issues regarding illegal immigration, illegration. The full story of Gloria Arellano, a woman who was recently allowed to visit on a temporary 30 day visa after a prior crossing without status after she had overstayed a visa.

Beto’ O Rourke has an interesting background and reckless thoughts when it comes to Border Security. Art speaks of another reason voters need to be informed of what our lawmakers are proposing. After a disappointing comment from a BP Supervisor towards Art while he was visiting an Injured agent and friend, Art shares with us why he does what he does.

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