In this weeks episode of “The Green Line” Art del Cueto is back after attending the FAIR conference, Federation of American Immigration Reform in Washington D.C. During his time there, Art, Lee Smith and Hector Garza spoke with radio show host across the country. Art shared his enthusiasm of talking with Diamond and Silk.

Art has become aware of comments made in the political arena in regards to voting and choosing a candidate. The discussion focuses on communities and how many within those areas are pushed to vote based on race.

Continued awareness to agents safety in a recent shooting on an agent in the field, luckily the agent was not injured however highlight the dangers agent face everyday. Art discusses recent numbers on illegration and one of the possible reasons for the rise. The decision from the Board of Supervisors of Pima County and rejection of Stone Garden funds to help combat crime. Why is this decision dangerous to the communities served with these funds and where could these fund be put to use.

Art pays tribute to the passing of Burt Reynolds with his walk down memory lane of some of his passions in life surrounding the Trans Am.

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