In this week’s episode of “The Green Line” Art del Cueto is in Studio discussing Pima County Arizona and it’s irresponsibility in rejection of federal funds with Operation Stone Garden. Art explains how the Operation benefited the county and the criminal activity it helped deter. Supervisors with the county rejected the funds citing “the promotion of racial tension” as the reasons for not accepting the federal assistance. Art gives some ideas on how these federal funds could be used.

Art talks about his participation in a Fox News Town Hall and some of the comments regarding love of country and how some even wanting to live in the USA from other countries hold to the allegiance of the countries they have left behind. It’s confusing to many on the desire to root for the country of origin rather than the United States.

Poop…That’s the word in regards to the terrible situation in Naco with raw sewage flowing across the border into the United States from Mexico.

Art gets tweets on some of the comments made during the Fox News Town Hall. Martha McSally has received the endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council and Art talks about her having the Council and Agents in high priority. Art shares what he can to the many questions in regards to the recent arrest of a Border Patrol Intel Supervisor in Laredo.

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