In this week’s episode of “The Green Line” Art deals with a bout of the shingles but believes if he wasn’t doing the Green Line if could be worse. The Green Line is an outlet for sharing with fellow agents and listeners and helps relieve the stress of the week. One of the valued suggestions was for Art to take up Yoga, a Stress Relief – Let’s hope Art stays clear of the Yoga Pants.

Art explains the Antifa movement and how the domestic terrorist organization has called for harm to Border Patrol Agents and supervisors. What are they saying? President Trump was at the 125th Annual Conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and delivered remarks saying his Administration will stand for Law, Order and Justice. The President also expressed outrage for any attack on Law Enforcement. He stated “Politicians who spread this dangerous, anti-police sentiment make life easier for criminals and more dangerous for law-abiding citizens. It must stop now.”

President Trump also earmarked $42.4 Million for high-intensity drug trafficking areas. Art wonders if this would include Southern Arizona after the Pima County Board of Supervisors elected to not accept StoneGarden funds.

Apprehensions are up and at an rapid rise of those trying to enter the country illegally. Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Manuel Padilla says the numbers have doubled since October 2017. Why? Art addresses the question.

The guys talk with Martha McSally about the upcoming election and her support for Border Agents.
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