In this week’s episode of “The Green Line” Art Del Cueto is joined by In-Studio Guest Dr. Steve Ferrara, Running for Congress in District 9. Dr. Ferrara shares thoughts on the upcoming general election and the importance of the Vote. He talks about his service in The United States Navy and serving under different administrations. We also hear from Dr. Ferrara and his platform for running for Congress. Dr. Steve Ferrara has received the endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council.

Art is also joined by Mark Spencer. Mark served 25 years with The Phoenix Police Department. Mr Spencer also served as the President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association and serves as the Chaplain for the National Border Patrol Council. Mark talks with Art about issues he witnessed in Phoenix and Illegration.

Mark provides some clear thinking and inspiration to those Law Enforcement as well as Agent members of the National Border Patrol Council.

Art questions decisions from upper management to take reductions in firearms training due to funding however a choice was made to instead provide firearms training to Federal Police in Mexico.

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