Episode 230 – Pig Pen this is Rubber Duck

In this week’s episode of “The Green Line” Art Del Cueto shares the never-ending work of Lee Smith behind the scenes of The Green Line as well as his love for The Razorbacks. This week however, there were no notes. Plain and simple, the biggest issues for Agents and the public is the “caravan” moving towards the United States border from Honduras through Mexico. Art ponders the reasons for the caravan at this time as well as possible factions behind it.

Beyond the breaking of the law with the desire for illegration, Art shares concerns that many of these planning to break the law do not desire to integrate and contribute to society in the United States. Why isn’t the Mexican government doing more to protect their land and stop the caravan from entering into Mexico? With all of this, how is this being translated to the Agents? Art provides some eye opening harsh reality for the Agents in the field. What is the plan?

Fun happenings with the Tucson Sabbar Shrine, Art shares a fun event at the Shrine for the Halloween weekend and The Silver Wings Banquet coming up in November with a special guest.
An update on the Lonnie Schwartz case.

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