Episode 231 – Promises Made and Promises Not Kept

In this week’s episode of “The Green Line” Art Del Cueto talks about his recent live Facebook video which addressed comments made regarding Brandon Judd. National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd was explaining during a media appearance of the the lack of a plan in “caravan/invasion” heading towards the US Borders and how U.S. Customs and Border Protection management needs to step up and share with the agents, The Plan.

Art shares some thoughts that have come from Mexican Citizens regarding the trek through the country heading towards the United States. Promises Made and Promises Not Kept. The Question still hangs in the air, Where is the Retention Bonus? Where is the 40 Hour’s Leave?

Art questions the ideas of Commissioner McAleenan in response to the impending large scale attempt to illegally cross into the United States. Former Border Patrol Deputy Chief Ron Colburn takes to Facebook and attacks The NBPC, Brandon Judd and the Judd Family. This does not sit well and is addressed during The Green Line.

Art offers some possible solutions to addressing eliminating Catch and Release. Why is this still happening?

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