Episode 232 – Chili Verde, Bring It!

In this Week’s Episode, Art Del Cueto talks about his curse on attending Election night celebrations and one maybe he shouldn’t have missed. It has been a busy week indeed with the elections and approaching invasion along the southern border. Art did attend a gathering for KNST at a popular eatery in Tucson; Mr. An’s and talked about hanging with Morning Show host Garret Lewis and meeting listeners to The Green Line.

Art discusses a post on Social Media from Activist Erika Andiola after sharing views on a Town Hall Meeting. She furthers the thoughts that Art is Anti-Immigration, this is not the case, Anti Illegal Immigration is what Art and many others are against. Art compares the “Blue Wave” to Papa Smurf having an “issue.” An upcoming event is discussed at the Tucson Shriners Club doing great things in the community.

Questions have arisen regarding BP Agents checking status of those at Bus Stations in the Spokane Area. An Ordinance was created by the Spokane City Council to prevent this lawful check however operations for BP have stated this will not stop this process which has resulted in detainment and deportation of those here illegally.

Special Guest to the show Mike Matzke. President NBPC Local 2554 who in 2014 along with other Border Patrol Agents in El Centro created The Fallen Agents Fund. A way to reach out and let families of Fallen Agents know they are remembered and thought of by helping during the holiday season. The Fallen Agents Fund helps not only those families of those that have lost their life in the line of duty but also taken ill while serving.

The Fallen Agents Fund is found at http://www.fallenagentsfund.org and available through the CFC at 75034. Take a look at the Fallen Agents Fund’s Shirts as well as the Side Effects.
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