In this Week’s Episode, Art Del Cueto is in Washington DC and reports on the current situation at the Southern border and the call to action for managers and those decision makers enacting the plan to stop the invasion with remnants already at the border.

Art talks about the power of the rhetoric of President Trump on reducing the numbers of illegal crossers. During this time, what happened to cause those numbers to begin to increase. Art explains some of the failures which brought more to believe they could cross and stay. One of the biggest failures has been in Catch and Release and how this flawed way of dealing with crossers has brought more seeking to cross.

With Families gathering over the holidays, the discussions may steer towards politics with discussions of the activities on the southern border. It Happens. Art wants to make sure your tricky bag is full, that you have the truth as to what is happening at the border and what has happened in regards to family separations. Have you been given the truth on Social Media? Art lays out the timeline and law in regards to child separations.

We are once again seeing VF Solutions gear pitched to Agents as bargains and deals which are far from it. Art takes a hard look at the supposed deals from VF Solutions which take advantage of the agents in as Art calls is “Scam” This claim of ” Scam” can however be backed up with a comparison of pricing again for the same product available through Amazon.
Art reports on the latest news from San Diego and Yuma on the Line.
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