In this Week’s Episode, Art Del Cueto has returned from Washington D.C. and begins with a flashback of the Show Dukes of Hazzard and reflect on the characters on the show, Art draws some comparisons of Sheriff Coltrane and some in management. After a meeting with President Trump, Art feels there is hope for the Agents and positive changes which could happen.

Art takes a trip to San Diego to give us an overview of the situation at the San Ysidro Port of Entry along with those along the border fencing. Art talks about a Tweet from past guest Tim Kennedy, host of Hard to Kill on Discovery, and how some have responded to his comments which supported those BP Agents on the Line. Art notes some politicians have called to still abolish ICE yet still have seen the disregard for the law from those attempting illegration.

A recent number of attacks on Agents reminds of the heightened needs to watch your backs however also raises concerns at the 9th Circuit Court and prosecution of those assaulting agents serving Border Patrol.

Lee pens some brilliant words and feelings –

As I sit here watching The Patriot and writing notes I am filled with wonder and some dread. Have we lost our sense of Patriotism? Has nearly half our young men and women forgotten what liberty, freedom, personal responsibility, and sovereignty is?

Our forefathers fought for these values and I hope that we do not forget them.

This is the single greatest country, ever, in the history of mankind. We are the bastion of freedom the world over and if we forget all that our forefathers fought and died for where will we be? They did not die for some socialist ideal they believed that we should all enjoy personal freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Let us never forget, all of us.

Special Guest Air Force Veteran, model and all around strong conservative Anna Paulina joins us. She unloads on the state of politics within the Hispanic community and issues with child trafficking.

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