Chris and Art discuss more of the investigation and news reports of the Investigation in Van Horn. While on the discussion of traveling, the subject of food always comes up! It has got to be a real treat for a town which has had John Madden eat at their restaurant. Then again, according to Chris, Madden has probably eaten at a few restaurants.

The guys talk of a situation involving Agents and Supervisors which may spread greater awareness of harassment in the workplace. Art tips his hat to the military and seeks out the meaning of Little Green Feet. Google gives it up, Air Force Para-rescue.

An Investigation of a shooting in the Tucson Sector has Art recognizing the dedicated work of the FBI, OIG and Supervisors.

Art and Chris continue to push for protecting Agents from loss of pay and the right to have a beard. Assaults on Agents continues to increase along with the call to the AUSA on prosecutions against those that have assaulted the agents for any assault. Chris and Art call for the office to not drop assault charges in lieu of a lesser offence with a plea deal.