In this Weeks Show, Art and Chris talk about the Snow hitting areas of Texas which like the blazing sun of the deserts impacts the lives of those attempting to cross the border illegally. Agents perform the duties of enforcing the border laws but in many instances performing rescues for those crossers left by coyotes.

Assaults on Agents continue, a 73 percent over previous years, and Art and Chris continue the call for the AG office to prosecute for any assault on an agent. Art shares a story of an individual editorialized in his frustrations at Border Patrol Agents performing the duties to protect the borders at checkpoints. Art and Chris re-enact the procedure of going through a checkpoint with the acting prowess that should garner them a Golden Globe.

Inappropriate behavior in the workplace is an issue the council takes seriously and stresses the importance of reporting conditions which can affect the performance of duties. Supervisors need to takes steps when issues are reported and witnessed to take action. No Leisure Suit Larry’s are needed in the agency.

Listener Anderson sends in a story about millions set aside for contractors to work on the hiring process for more agents that are needed. The amount of money needed to get through the process according to Art and Chris doesn’t add up. Is the polygraph testing flawed?

Gerber Knives provides a Multi-Tool for a new contest. An agent comes up with a great way to pick a winner, Send in your photos of your hobby or something cool you make for a shot to win. To enter send to

A Memorial shirt has been produced for Agent Rogelio Martinez which can be found at the Green Line Facebook Page.