Episode 191 – Green Never Sleeps

In this week’s show, Art and Chris are on leave however are taking to the airwaves to share thoughts on the New Year. The everyday task of the Border Patrol Agent are examined with the understanding to pass along the message, Agents can make a difference. Disagreements, frustrations and challenges in the work place should always be resolved with the contemplating question, how can you as an Agent make a difference.

Recent Assaults on Agents along with the judicial system finally making its way to justice are discussed. The Agency seems to be taking steps towards agents satisfaction on some key issues faced however many concerns also boil down to the Show me the money factor.

Chris shares the background of an Agent that was shot and asks why this incident wasn’t covered in the media. The question must also be asked, where are the warrants in the Rogelio Martinez Murder?

The Serious issues facing agents this year along with the lighthearted discussions, Join in on The Green Line.