In this week’s show, Art and Chris are dealing with the Flu that has been sweeping across the country. Even though they are under the weather, the issues dealing with Agent safety and justice continue. Chris shares information on an upcoming trial for two illegal aliens charged with the capital murder of Agent Javier Vega, Jr.

Art shares information on field interviews that are going to be conducted with Agents in the field on ways to enhance and secure their protection, a flip on the prior administrations interview process. A push is in the works for ways to recruit more agents however there is some concern to the polygraph procedure to bring more agents in. With the reliance on the flawed polygraph system, is this “fly in the ointment” preventing more capable agents in the field?

Both Art and Chris again call for Pay Parity as a continued goal to provide the federal agents security to stay invested in the Agency. Recent news has brought up the name of Oprah in a possible run for Office. The guys share views on this and recent new headlines. LA Times ran an article which has both Art and Chris wondering on the “ridiculous” wedding at the border between a suspected and charged drug runner with a Mexican national. Border Angels has enlisted the aid of Agents to allow doors to be open at Friendship Park for family and friend meets and “hugs”. The concept to take agents for this mission has Art and Chris shaking their heads.

Cases of the Brave Men and Woman of the Border Patrol performing their duties are discussed with a call again on safety first for the agents. As the guys share thoughts on the Border and immigration, a large number of crossers that have been caught, have lengthy prior criminal convictions. The legal system in other countries does not represent the laws in the United States. Those that have committed crimes in their own countries, which should still have them incarcerated, attempt to cross to continue crimes against citizens in the United States.

The duty is to protect the people and interest of the United States.