Muddied the Waters

In this week’s show, Art and Chris share thoughts on another trip to El Paso for more on the murder of Agent Rogelio Martinez. While in the area the guys observe the problems at the Rio Grande and in an area with suspected high trafficking and crossers, under-staffing to handle the influx.

How did the recent government shutdown affect operations at the agency? How do events like this impact the lives of Agents and Agent Families? Art and Chris discuss the role of DACA in the shutdown and what needs to happen before February.

The Discussion on Catch and Release continues and how the holdovers from the previous administration have helped cause a tremendous burden on personnel and budgets.

Recent stories in the news of Agents emptying and destroying Water Jugs have been brought to the forefront although upon examination timing of these stories is suspect, the events in question took place many years ago and connections from the media were made to an arrest of an activist which had nothing to do with the Water Incidents from years past.