In this Week’s Episode of The Green Line, Art and Chris are at the Border Security Expo at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. They talk with Toby Sanchez of Ammo Incorporated and an opportunity for Agents to purchase high quality ammunition for personal use as a discount. A special website has been established for agents, the link is mentioned in this broadcast. Art talks about the Clean Less, Shoot More theory of firing at the range and is impressed with how clean the ammo fires. Toby shares info on the different types available including the popular Streak Ammo.

Chief Patrol Agent, Sector Chief for the Rio Grande Valley Manual Padilla Jr. Visits with Art and Chris and discusses the issues and challenges facing the West, South Texas Corridor. Chief Padilla participates in the discussion about the focus on issues with Catch and Release and options as Border Security as a system with all agencies participating in building a stronger border.

Art and Chris also sit and chat with Chief of the Strategic Planning and Analysis Directorate Benjamine “Carry” Huffman. Programs and Budgeting are covered as well as planning ahead for agents in serving locations and declination’s.

A wrap up of the show has Art and Chris sharing fine points of the Exhibits for the Border Security Show and some of the favorites. For more information on the Expo, please take a look at