In this Week’s Episode, Art and Chris are back from the Border Security Expo with a Recap on some of the hardware and demonstrations at this year’s show. The guys hope decision makers for the Agency attended to provide more tools for agents in the field. Chris attended Demo Day and shares info on the Ammo Incorporated demos and discounts available to Border Agents.
Art had to leave the conference early to meet with Brandon Judd and provide a tour of border stations and coverage areas to Congressmen. While the tour planned by the NBPC was aligned differently from the Agency, the congressmen still were presented with the Truth on the needs to provide security at the border. The needs of personnel and pay parity to secure careers within the Agency were discussed.

Chris brings to light the importance of catch and release coming to an end and while a “Border Wall” and High tech Drones and tools for combating the incoming of illegal aliens, the Catch and Release is a defeat on the efforts of the Men and Woman of the Border Patrol. Art goes so far as to bet his eyebrows, in the Catch and Release Scenario, those released do not follow through on the legal process.

The issues facing immigration are discussed along with the BBQ picked for game day and the Age Waiver that must be a thing for Lee. A sobering wrap up on the death of Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson and Ride Sharing Operator Jeffrey Monroe. They were in a vehicle struck by an undocumented immigrant who had twice been deported and from reports intoxicated. The battle rages on…