In this week’s episode Art and Chris highlight the growing success of The Green Line and welcome the edition of Lee to the show process. A recent story highlighted the dismissal of human smuggling charges in San Diego by the AUSA. This is a situation that should not be tolerated and why after the great work of the Border Patrol Agents in stopping these smuggling activities are these criminals allowed to walk? Chris highlights the danger to not only agents but also those smuggled into the country by ruthless smugglers. Chris and Art call on lawmakers to stop allowing these crimes to pass.

Art feels the painful effects on bad decisions, three words – Gas station sushi. Chris takes over the rains after Art bolts out of the studio hollering the show must go on! Chris shares some good news on one of our sponsors Texas Federal Wellness. Chris shares some thoughts on the horrific shooting in Florida. The discussion continues on the procedures for hiring within the Border Patrol and the flawed polygraph exams.

Art returns to the show and Chris gets a little heated on the story behind the death of Indianapolis Colts Edwin Jackson and Ride Share operator Jeffrey Monroe due to a two time deportee that was suspected driving under the influence. The Wall, why does the theory of the wall work? Good Fences make good neighbors and Chris shares why this does work. DACA is also discussed with threats of protest that has Art and Chris shaking their heads.