For this week’s episode Art and Chris open up the show with thoughts for those that have served in the military and the respect that is due for all that have joined for service to the country. Art is still getting over a bout with the cold bug and ponders his reaction to getting sick when others seem to be able to push through while sick.

Veteran Pat McNamara, a quiet professional, visits the show to talk with Art and Chris on training and the need for constantly updating tactics and skills to stay on top of the game. Pat offers incredible experiences in training with TMACSINC, Tactics – Marksmanship – Adventure – Concepts – Security. The Special Forces veteran discusses his book “The Sentinel; Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail” along with his early days in The Unit. Training and Passions for this Combat Veteran are discussed and how they apply to Border Patrol Agents.

Down south of the Border, way down south, is discussed with the numbers of refugees wanting to leave Venezuela which has the southern borders on alert. Columbia has taken steps to limit these refugees entering the country and Chris brings to light the hypocrisy of reactions to the United States and its stance on immigration.