EPISODE 198 – We Ate Mud and the Evil Eye

In this week’s The Greenline, Art and Chris ponder a new intro for the show with the idea of having Agents with bands create the opening theme music Chris suggest an old home remedy when he hears Art is still dealing with the cold he had THREE weeks prior. Ouch! Get better Art! The remedy Chris suggests is “The Evil Eye” remedy. Is Art going to give in to “The Evil Eye”, could be his last hope.

Getting down to the issues, Chris asks where the listeners’ level of morale is and how has it adjusted with the current administration. Art and Chris agree it has increased, but Art believes it still has room to improve and the agency needs to take steps to further improve agent morale. Even with this said, the outcome for agents is looking up. The responsibility of morale also lies in the hands of agents themselves and Art and Chris remind them of the dangers of social media posts which not only can get them in trouble, but also harm the goals of the Union.

President Trump makes a statement about his disappointment with California and considers pulling some federal agencies out of the state. The media created a frenzy, but what were his actual words? The statement has Agents and the media asking questions about what this could mean. Art draws on his experience meeting President Trump before the election and calls him “the real deal.” Would this happen? California does need to step up and aid the federal government in enforcing the law. Chris calls dibs on a station in Lake Tahoe just in case.

Art and Chris close out the show discussing the horrific tragedy in Florida and the gun control debate. They share their feelings on this and other events surrounding the shootings. Is the answer for law enforcement’s and civilians’ safety the banning of firearms? Art shares a list of possible solutions to protect the public and students at school.

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