Episode 199 – The Strongest Steel is Forged in the Hottest Fire

On this week’s The Greenline, Chris shares an email sent in from Jason E., which
addresses his thoughts on morale under the Trump Administration.While he agrees with Art and Chris that morale has gone up, Jason believes the impact of pay cuts should be fixed which could bolster the working mood of agents, to which Art and Chris agree.

Art and Chris speak with special guest Mike Ritland, a US Navy Seal Veteran, canine trainer with the military, Border Patrol, law enforcement and private security, and the founder of Trikos International and the Warrior Dog Foundation. He’s also a three-time New York Times Best Selling author of Trident K9 Warriors, Navy SEAL Dogs and Team Dog.

Mike shares the finer points of working with canines, training, and his books as well as his podcast “Mike Drop” available on iTunes.

Mike discusses his decision to join the military at the age of 17 and eventually becoming a Navy Seal. The key points of working with canines and what
makes the military and enforcement operations successful from all aspects for the team. The move from military life to civilian life and understanding the differences and purpose will not only make you happy but successful.

Mike shares bonding with the canine partner and how it is achieved and maintained.Is there a difference between this and the bonds we make with children, spouses, and co-workers and the other relationships in our lives? He also discusses if kenneling is bad for that bond and how can handlers maintain a responsible environment when they bring canine partners into the home.

Mike also shares information on private and personal security canine companions and his personal thoughts on securing the border.

Art and Chris continue the discussion with Mike and reflect on his friends who lost their lives in Benghazi in 2012. Mike gets a round of questions from Art and adds a new twist to the Coffee or Tea Question.

For dog owners, Mike shares his expertise on dietary choices for dogs and keeping them fit and in good condition.

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