The Green Line celebrates Show #200! Listenership for The Green Line comes from the US as well as countries around the world. Art sends respects to those listening however Chris wonders where the Canadian listeners are. What gives Canada!?

Once again Art and Chris welcome a special guest to The Green Line, Michelle Viscusi of Team Glock, Grunt Style, and History Channels Top Shot. As a Woman in the competitive shooting category why do women fare so well in the competitions? Michelle also shares advice for those females looking to get involved in firearm handling with types of Glock weapons, caliber and range selection. With the discussion on Guns, Chris, Art and Michelle focus on Gun Safety and training for the entire family around firearms. Art gets a little red faced after inadvertently sharing just how much he had researched for this segment with Michelle.

Lee Smith visits with the guys to talk about a recent incident involving comments made threatening the safety to agents and family members on Social Media. How serious should these threats be taken and while some will say “it comes with the job” when do the threats cross a line. The majority of citizens are respectful to the work of Agents at checkpoints and in the field however it is always important for agents to know a number do not agree with the duties and operations of the Border Patrol. As Chris confirms it is the duty for the Agent to be alert for their security along with that of their families.

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