EPISODE200 : Close Your Blinds At Night

The Green Line celebrates Show #200! Listenership for The Green Line comes from the US as well as countries around the world. Art sends respects to those listening however Chris wonders where the Canadian listeners are. What gives Canada!?

Once again Art and Chris welcome a special guest to The Green Line, Michelle Viscusi of Team Glock, Grunt Style, and History Channels Top Shot. As a Woman in the competitive shooting category why do women fare so well in the competitions? Michelle also shares advice for those females looking to get involved in firearm handling with types of Glock weapons, caliber and range selection. With the discussion on Guns, Chris, Art and Michelle focus on Gun Safety and training for the entire family around firearms. Art gets a little red faced after inadvertently sharing just how much he had researched for this segment with Michelle.

Lee Smith visits with the guys to talk about a recent incident involving comments made threatening the safety to agents and family members on Social Media. How serious should these threats be taken and while some will say “it comes with the job” when do the threats cross a line. The majority of citizens are respectful to the work of Agents at checkpoints and in the field however it is always important for agents to know a number do not agree with the duties and operations of the Border Patrol. As Chris confirms it is the duty for the Agent to be alert for their security along with that of their families.

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EPISODE199 : The Strongest Steel is Forged in the Hottest Fire

Episode 199 – The Strongest Steel is Forged in the Hottest Fire

On this week’s The Greenline, Chris shares an email sent in from Jason E., which
addresses his thoughts on morale under the Trump Administration.While he agrees with Art and Chris that morale has gone up, Jason believes the impact of pay cuts should be fixed which could bolster the working mood of agents, to which Art and Chris agree.

Art and Chris speak with special guest Mike Ritland, a US Navy Seal Veteran, canine trainer with the military, Border Patrol, law enforcement and private security, and the founder of Trikos International and the Warrior Dog Foundation. He’s also a three-time New York Times Best Selling author of Trident K9 Warriors, Navy SEAL Dogs and Team Dog.

Mike shares the finer points of working with canines, training, and his books as well as his podcast “Mike Drop” available on iTunes.

Mike discusses his decision to join the military at the age of 17 and eventually becoming a Navy Seal. The key points of working with canines and what
makes the military and enforcement operations successful from all aspects for the team. The move from military life to civilian life and understanding the differences and purpose will not only make you happy but successful.

Mike shares bonding with the canine partner and how it is achieved and maintained.Is there a difference between this and the bonds we make with children, spouses, and co-workers and the other relationships in our lives? He also discusses if kenneling is bad for that bond and how can handlers maintain a responsible environment when they bring canine partners into the home.

Mike also shares information on private and personal security canine companions and his personal thoughts on securing the border.

Art and Chris continue the discussion with Mike and reflect on his friends who lost their lives in Benghazi in 2012. Mike gets a round of questions from Art and adds a new twist to the Coffee or Tea Question.

For dog owners, Mike shares his expertise on dietary choices for dogs and keeping them fit and in good condition.

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EPISODE198 : We Ate Mud and The Evil Eye

EPISODE 198 – We Ate Mud and the Evil Eye

In this week’s The Greenline, Art and Chris ponder a new intro for the show with the idea of having Agents with bands create the opening theme music Chris suggest an old home remedy when he hears Art is still dealing with the cold he had THREE weeks prior. Ouch! Get better Art! The remedy Chris suggests is “The Evil Eye” remedy. Is Art going to give in to “The Evil Eye”, could be his last hope.

Getting down to the issues, Chris asks where the listeners’ level of morale is and how has it adjusted with the current administration. Art and Chris agree it has increased, but Art believes it still has room to improve and the agency needs to take steps to further improve agent morale. Even with this said, the outcome for agents is looking up. The responsibility of morale also lies in the hands of agents themselves and Art and Chris remind them of the dangers of social media posts which not only can get them in trouble, but also harm the goals of the Union.

President Trump makes a statement about his disappointment with California and considers pulling some federal agencies out of the state. The media created a frenzy, but what were his actual words? The statement has Agents and the media asking questions about what this could mean. Art draws on his experience meeting President Trump before the election and calls him “the real deal.” Would this happen? California does need to step up and aid the federal government in enforcing the law. Chris calls dibs on a station in Lake Tahoe just in case.

Art and Chris close out the show discussing the horrific tragedy in Florida and the gun control debate. They share their feelings on this and other events surrounding the shootings. Is the answer for law enforcement’s and civilians’ safety the banning of firearms? Art shares a list of possible solutions to protect the public and students at school.

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EPISODE197 : A Discussion with Pat McNamara – Tactics and Training

For this week’s episode Art and Chris open up the show with thoughts for those that have served in the military and the respect that is due for all that have joined for service to the country. Art is still getting over a bout with the cold bug and ponders his reaction to getting sick when others seem to be able to push through while sick.

Veteran Pat McNamara, a quiet professional, visits the show to talk with Art and Chris on training and the need for constantly updating tactics and skills to stay on top of the game. Pat offers incredible experiences in training with TMACSINC, Tactics – Marksmanship – Adventure – Concepts – Security. The Special Forces veteran discusses his book “The Sentinel; Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail” along with his early days in The Unit. Training and Passions for this Combat Veteran are discussed and how they apply to Border Patrol Agents.

Down south of the Border, way down south, is discussed with the numbers of refugees wanting to leave Venezuela which has the southern borders on alert. Columbia has taken steps to limit these refugees entering the country and Chris brings to light the hypocrisy of reactions to the United States and its stance on immigration.

Episode196 : Gas Station Sushi

In this week’s episode Art and Chris highlight the growing success of The Green Line and welcome the edition of Lee to the show process. A recent story highlighted the dismissal of human smuggling charges in San Diego by the AUSA. This is a situation that should not be tolerated and why after the great work of the Border Patrol Agents in stopping these smuggling activities are these criminals allowed to walk? Chris highlights the danger to not only agents but also those smuggled into the country by ruthless smugglers. Chris and Art call on lawmakers to stop allowing these crimes to pass.

Art feels the painful effects on bad decisions, three words – Gas station sushi. Chris takes over the rains after Art bolts out of the studio hollering the show must go on! Chris shares some good news on one of our sponsors Texas Federal Wellness. Chris shares some thoughts on the horrific shooting in Florida. The discussion continues on the procedures for hiring within the Border Patrol and the flawed polygraph exams.

Art returns to the show and Chris gets a little heated on the story behind the death of Indianapolis Colts Edwin Jackson and Ride Share operator Jeffrey Monroe due to a two time deportee that was suspected driving under the influence. The Wall, why does the theory of the wall work? Good Fences make good neighbors and Chris shares why this does work. DACA is also discussed with threats of protest that has Art and Chris shaking their heads.

EPISODE195 : The Battle Rages On

In this Week’s Episode, Art and Chris are back from the Border Security Expo with a Recap on some of the hardware and demonstrations at this year’s show. The guys hope decision makers for the Agency attended to provide more tools for agents in the field. Chris attended Demo Day and shares info on the Ammo Incorporated demos and discounts available to Border Agents.
Art had to leave the conference early to meet with Brandon Judd and provide a tour of border stations and coverage areas to Congressmen. While the tour planned by the NBPC was aligned differently from the Agency, the congressmen still were presented with the Truth on the needs to provide security at the border. The needs of personnel and pay parity to secure careers within the Agency were discussed.

Chris brings to light the importance of catch and release coming to an end and while a “Border Wall” and High tech Drones and tools for combating the incoming of illegal aliens, the Catch and Release is a defeat on the efforts of the Men and Woman of the Border Patrol. Art goes so far as to bet his eyebrows, in the Catch and Release Scenario, those released do not follow through on the legal process.

The issues facing immigration are discussed along with the BBQ picked for game day and the Age Waiver that must be a thing for Lee. A sobering wrap up on the death of Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson and Ride Sharing Operator Jeffrey Monroe. They were in a vehicle struck by an undocumented immigrant who had twice been deported and from reports intoxicated. The battle rages on…

EPISODE194: The Border Security Expo

In this Week’s Episode of The Green Line, Art and Chris are at the Border Security Expo at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. They talk with Toby Sanchez of Ammo Incorporated and an opportunity for Agents to purchase high quality ammunition for personal use as a discount. A special website has been established for agents, the link is mentioned in this broadcast. Art talks about the Clean Less, Shoot More theory of firing at the range and is impressed with how clean the ammo fires. Toby shares info on the different types available including the popular Streak Ammo.

Chief Patrol Agent, Sector Chief for the Rio Grande Valley Manual Padilla Jr. Visits with Art and Chris and discusses the issues and challenges facing the West, South Texas Corridor. Chief Padilla participates in the discussion about the focus on issues with Catch and Release and options as Border Security as a system with all agencies participating in building a stronger border.

Art and Chris also sit and chat with Chief of the Strategic Planning and Analysis Directorate Benjamine “Carry” Huffman. Programs and Budgeting are covered as well as planning ahead for agents in serving locations and declination’s.

A wrap up of the show has Art and Chris sharing fine points of the Exhibits for the Border Security Show and some of the favorites. For more information on the Expo, please take a look at borderpatrolexpo.com.

Episode193 : Muddied the Waters

Muddied the Waters

In this week’s show, Art and Chris share thoughts on another trip to El Paso for more on the murder of Agent Rogelio Martinez. While in the area the guys observe the problems at the Rio Grande and in an area with suspected high trafficking and crossers, under-staffing to handle the influx.

How did the recent government shutdown affect operations at the agency? How do events like this impact the lives of Agents and Agent Families? Art and Chris discuss the role of DACA in the shutdown and what needs to happen before February.

The Discussion on Catch and Release continues and how the holdovers from the previous administration have helped cause a tremendous burden on personnel and budgets.

Recent stories in the news of Agents emptying and destroying Water Jugs have been brought to the forefront although upon examination timing of these stories is suspect, the events in question took place many years ago and connections from the media were made to an arrest of an activist which had nothing to do with the Water Incidents from years past.

EPISODE192 : Fly In The Ointment

In this week’s show, Art and Chris are dealing with the Flu that has been sweeping across the country. Even though they are under the weather, the issues dealing with Agent safety and justice continue. Chris shares information on an upcoming trial for two illegal aliens charged with the capital murder of Agent Javier Vega, Jr.

Art shares information on field interviews that are going to be conducted with Agents in the field on ways to enhance and secure their protection, a flip on the prior administrations interview process. A push is in the works for ways to recruit more agents however there is some concern to the polygraph procedure to bring more agents in. With the reliance on the flawed polygraph system, is this “fly in the ointment” preventing more capable agents in the field?

Both Art and Chris again call for Pay Parity as a continued goal to provide the federal agents security to stay invested in the Agency. Recent news has brought up the name of Oprah in a possible run for Office. The guys share views on this and recent new headlines. LA Times ran an article which has both Art and Chris wondering on the “ridiculous” wedding at the border between a suspected and charged drug runner with a Mexican national. Border Angels has enlisted the aid of Agents to allow doors to be open at Friendship Park for family and friend meets and “hugs”. The concept to take agents for this mission has Art and Chris shaking their heads.

Cases of the Brave Men and Woman of the Border Patrol performing their duties are discussed with a call again on safety first for the agents. As the guys share thoughts on the Border and immigration, a large number of crossers that have been caught, have lengthy prior criminal convictions. The legal system in other countries does not represent the laws in the United States. Those that have committed crimes in their own countries, which should still have them incarcerated, attempt to cross to continue crimes against citizens in the United States.

The duty is to protect the people and interest of the United States.