EPISODE 218 : That’s Not a Burro, That’s a Moose!

In this weeks episode of “The Green Line” Art Del Cueto talks about some new contest ideas coming to The Green Line with thanks to the sponsors and contributors to the show. Art covers issues with the Retention Bonus and leave time for Agents which the NBPC is still striving for.
Art calls out the disrespect to ICE agents from a comedy sketch by Michelle Wolf on Netflix. Not only is the sketch in bad taste towards Secretary Kristjen Nielsen but also to the men and woman serving ICE.

Issues with decision makers for Border Patrol still being affected due to hold overs from the prior administration. Changes that have needed to be accomplished are stagnant and slowed and the frustrations trickle down the ranks. The house passes a resolution to rebuke the call for the end of ICE. Art calls out the hypocrisy of Mexico in regards to the country accepting refugees. The actual numbers are eye opening to those accepted into Mexico versus those that have applied for asylum.

The Northern Border has become a target for human traffickers and Art share some facts regarding those illegrating into the US from Canada and how it is getting done.
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EPISODE 217 : Driving the Bus with the Clown Shoes!

EPISODE 217 – Driving the Bus With The Clown Shoes!

In this Weeks Show – Art goes over a new product, from Rockwell Watches, with a great discount for National Border Patrol Council Members. Ammo Inc also has stepped up to the table for the Members for special deals to agents. Art shares Info on how to get to a special website for the discounts.

Art discusses statements made by former Vice President Joe Biden regarding family separations at a conference. Art wonders why Biden takes no credit for the former administration mess that has occurred with immigration. The terror of crossing the border illegally for young girls is also shared with the question “What parent in their right mind could send their daughters into this?”
Great ideas for higher efficiency within the Tucson Sector shared by the Tucson Chief Rodolfo Karisch to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

EPISODE 216 : Do You Know Who I Am?

Episode 216 – Do You Know Who I am!?

In this weeks episode of “The Green Line” Art Del Cueto with more of the continuing discussion of separations at the border. The Green Line has moved to its new time slot of Saturday afternoons at 2pm on KNST AM 790. Joe Rogan is another one of the celebrities to step forward with misinformation and make statements based on old news.

Art points a finger at some of the issues that have been reported and how this misinformation has spread. The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, takes a group to the southern border for a tour of a detention facility without prior approval of CBP. The Clown Show takes the mayor and his security detail to reportedly cross over the border and back across illegally.

No doubt the words during attempted detainment after the illegal crossing “Do you Know Who I Am?” was likely said.

Lee Smith visits the show and the discussion focuses on legal immigration versus “illegration” and how many in the media have overlooked the largest humanitarian aid organization on the southern border, Border Patrol Agents. While the vilification of the Men and Women of The Border Patrol continue, the reality is agents help not only protect the laws of the United States but also in many cases rescue and treat those illegrating. Will the agency step up to the needs of the stations needing more agents is also covered.

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EPISODE 214 : Hypocrisy, It Grinds My Gears

Episode 214 – Hypocrisy, It Grinds My Gears

In this weeks episode of “The Green Line” Art Del Cueto discusses the news headlines regarding child separations and the statements made from protesters regarding the administration and DHS operations. Art recognizes the Tucson Sector Chief Rodolfo Karisch and his discussions with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen which Art describes as Out of the Box thinking with support for the Agents in the field.

The public has heard much regarding the children that have been a part of apprehensions in the field. Much of the public has not understood the policies based on the law which required the seperation for investigations to even confirm these children were supposed to be with the adults. While policies have been adjusted, the protest continue and Art discusses the attacks on DHS from those on Social Media. A surprise exchange comes from a reported member of the military.
What does the general public not see in the detention facilities and how are Border Agents expressing their humanity to those detained.

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EPISODE 213 : They Must Have Slept During History

In this weeks episode of The Green Line, Art Del Cueto shares the truth, the stories that you don’t hear regarding the family separations of those caught illegally crossing into the United States. Statements from former celebrities have only served to inflame the public without knowing the entire truth of what is happening at the border. Art takes the subject head on in this intense discussion.

EPISODE 211 : The Common Goal

In this Weeks Show, Art Del Cueto sits with U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agent Patricia Cramer and President of the Arizona chapter of the National Treasury Employee Union representing U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers and Agriculture Specialists at the Arizona Port of Entries.

Art talks about the road that led her to Customs, the common battle and an understanding of the operations of U.S. Customs.

EPISODE 210 : Bouncing Off The Walls

In this Weeks Show, Art Del Cueto takes to Facebook Live for a Tough Question on some of Arts favorite music. Art grabs a bottle of Lucky Jack Coffee and for the first time in 20 years consumes it and very quickly has Art bouncing off the walls.

A discussion on the seriousness of Agents posting on Social Media and reminds on the need for caution when it comes to operations.

EPISODE 209 : Animals

In this week’s episode of The Green Line – Art Del Cueto discusses recent comments made about “Animals” crossing the border and already within the United States. Art reaffirms the focus of the statement was made towards the MS-13 members. Art shares his experience with MS-13 and why he disagrees with the Presidents statement.

A recent situation near the northern border is discussed and Art shares ways to have the entire process of a field questioning or checkpoint stop go much smoother. Movies are discussed and how Hollywood has portrayed Border Patrol. Upcoming action films are discussed that center around smuggling and human trafficking operations near the border including the announced Rambo 5. Clint Eastwood also has a film in development called The Mule based on the life of Leo Sharp.

Art shares the jaw dropping story of a Judge who recently released a Dominican national from a drug case as well as a career criminal out on weapons charges who is a suspect now in the murder of a sheriff. A new book from a former border patrol agent has Art wondering why this author even joined the BP.

Art shares a story of one of his first arrest, a life learning story in the memoirs of Art Del Cueto. What Would Riggs Do?

EPISODE 208 : Idle Hands

The Latest Green Line Episode with Host Art Del Cueto. In this week’s episode, Art discusses the recent decision to retry Lonnie Schwartz on manslaughter charges. Brandon Budlong President of Local 2724 visits with Art to discuss issues on the Northern Border.