Episode185 : An Empty Seat At The Table

This week’s Episode of The Green Line begins with a discussion of the recent murder and attempted murder of Border Patrol Agents in the Big Bend Sector. Chris and Art share sobering facts that many of the agents which have been assaulted find the attackers have not faced prosecution for their crimes. A call to the service to allow the Agents to safely carry out their duties and know if they face attack, prosecution will occur. The Federal Attorney needs to prosecute all cases of attacks on Border Patrol Agents.

Chris shares his thoughts on how to track and locate the perpetrator of this attack which has claimed the life of Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez. Stephen K. Bannon visits Tucson for the Brian Terry Foundation and is met with protesters. The discussion visits the question on demonstration permits and why local law enforcement won’t enforce the laws against unlawful demonstrations.

EPISODE184 : Depleting Resources and a Hunk of Burning Polygraphs

In this week’s Episode of the Green Line, Art Del Cuerto and Chris Cabrera discuss the tragic situation that took place Sunday November 5th in Sutherland Springs Texas. While much the focus on the deranged shooter blast the headlines, Art and Chris stand with the victims, citizens and law enforcement of Sutherland Springs. Chris has been through the town and describes the Americana feel of the town rocked with tragedy.

Numbers of crossers being apprehended and voluntarily turning themselves in have been at an all time high in RGV. With this incredible amount of manpower needed to process and detain, the resources of the BP in high travel sectors are being depleted. Tucson is not without similar issues and a decision needs to be made, according to Chris and Art, that the Polygraph Exam needs to be reworked and other methods be found to employ credible agents for protecting the borders. While the system is flawed, methods also need to be taken to keep the current agents happy to remain with the Border Patrol. Incentives should be both in compensation and locations for agents. Art and Chris respectfully shout out to the agents working in all sectors for the incredible job they do.

A recent shooting at an off duty BP Agent show even more the need to keep the borders secure and dangerous criminals illegally crossing off the streets. Art reminds agents to always be vigilant and under scrutiny of their situation and location as BP Agents can be the targets of violence.

The discussions with Art and Chris can be intense with issues facing the Agents however we always seem to learn a bit more about them each week. After Chris dogs on Elvis, Art is ready to toss in the towel or find a wrench to tighten his loose screw in his head. Art doesn’t go untouched, his ultra geek nerdy side flies in after a purchase at a Comic convention in Tucson.
Tune in for Episode 184 of the Green Line with Art and Chris.

Episode183 : Meatballs, Notaburger and Helping the Fallen

In this Week’s Episode of The Green Line, Art Del Cuerto and Chris Cabrera discuss the issues of today and how Agents from the US Border Patrol are a big part of the communities in which they serve.
The recent terrorist attack in New York is covered and how the Lottery system for immigration is not serving the public.

Art and Chris talk with Mike Matzke about the Fallen Agents Fund, a 501(c)(3) for supporting the families and children of fallen agents during the holidays. Mike talks about the idea to make it happen with the Christmas in July Event that began the process for delivering presents to children of agents that had died in the line of duty. Donating to the general fund or to a specific fallen agents family can help spread some joy to help get through the holidays for many of these families. The Fallen Agents fund is also available through CFC http://www.CFCgiving.opm.gov can select All Zones, select 75034 to help. The fund is also helping Agents families that have been diagnosed with cancer or other conditions. Stay Ready Gear has been helping the cause with 5% of Sales to the fund.

Just how far south is Chris? The Geography extends however as Chris says The Farther you go the Better the Food. BP Agents back from the Humanitarian Missions serving the public after the hurricanes were denied service at a restaurant and Chris is on fire with the disrespect bestowed upon these agents happy to be home.

Burgers, Meatballs, Halloween giving and the evil that Chris can accomplish. Listen in to This Episode of the Green Line.

EPISODE182 : An Oops Moment at the Wall

On this week’s episode of The Green Line, Art and Chris discuss the ins and outs of federal prosecution. Unfortunately, there are mostly outs.

The hot topic, why is there a lack of prosecution for juvenile offenders? People are still attempting to cross in droves. The Wall prototypes are ready and displayed and while covered during a news segment, crossers had an “Oops Moment!” The World Series is about to begin and we can understand why Chris would pick the Astros, what’s Art’s excuse. Who you got????

Chris is contemplating some pets that could be a replacement for dogs; his reasoning has us scratching our heads.

EPISODE180 : Public Safety and Agent Wellness

Our first guest explains the daily issues that Fire Fighters and first responders face in the city of Tucson. Josh Campbell is the President of the Tucson Fire Fighters Association. Josh gave us some interesting insights into what Fire Fighters and other first responders in Tucson deal with every day.

Sergio Lopez and Liza Lemos also joined us. Sergio is the COO of the Texas Federal Wellness Center and Liza is the Executive Marketing Director. They have been helping Border Patrol agents with OWCP issues and they plan to open an office in Tucson soon. They are going to be new sponsors for the Green Line and we look forward to working with them.

EPISODE179 : Tragedy in Las Vegas

Our prayers and healing wishes are with those struggling to recover physically and emotionally from the senseless violence that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 1, 2017. We completely agree with President Trump when he stated “..we are searching for some kind of meaning in the chaos, some kind of light in the darkness. The answers do not come easy.”

During this show, Art and Chris also discuss American exceptionalism and warn how political correctness and laws like DACA are devaluing our citizenship and society as a whole.

We also announce our contest winners. We received hundreds of entries from all across the country. Listen in to find out if you and your song were selected!

EPISODE178 : Telling Tales, Naming Names, and A Class Act

Art calls out Tucson Sector supervisors’ by name for their unprofessional conduct. We hope this encourages these supervisors to find help addressing their deep feelings of insecurity. We’re not sure, but these personal challenges could be caused by their inner child screaming for a hug or unresolved daddy issues.

Chris takes on National Public Radio (NPR) and asks WTF? When a hospital discovers a child whose parents are illegally in the US and the child needs a medical procedure, Agents respond displaying the best qualities of those wearing the U.S. Border Patrol uniform. Yet NPR reporter John Burnett gets it all wrong and attacks the Agents for doing their job.

Nuri Vitiello, the Executive Director for the Border Patrol Family Network, joins the guys and redefines class and grace. When Border Patrol families need help, her all-volunteer organization answers their calls.

Get the truth from U.S. Border Patrol Agents protecting the border.

Episode177 : Helping in a Time of Need

U.S. Border Patrol Agents responded quickly as floodwaters claimed homes and endangered tens of thousands of lives in South Texas. Their efforts are credited with saving hundreds of lives and delivering much-needed supplies. However, rather than a simple thank-you, the media took issue with the support and help our Agents provided.

They worried about the possible anxiety those here illegally might have suffered by seeing Border Patrol boats delivering supplies and saving lives. Seriously!

Listen to active duty Agents Art Del Cueto and Chris Cabrera as they tell it like it is, no B.S., and no spin. Just the truth from the border. These two Agents let loose on the media, and their agenda to destroy those who stand for law and order. During their show, Cueto and Cabrera also give a strong defense for America’s Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio and call out those who use the politics of hate.

EPISODE176 : News Flash: President Trump Has Kept America Safe

Art and Chris take on the fake news and its constant trashing of President Trump. Art calls out one of the liberal media’s, “stellar” reporters for his inaccurate, biased columns.

When will the fake news report that President Trump has done more to secure our borders, and has had more success in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs than any other?

Listen in as active agents report what is happening on the border; no spin, no b.s., just the truth from the border.